Online Pickup Order Problems Twice in a Row

Two days ago I put in an order for some parts.  All of them showed in stock. 
However, when my order was ready to pickup the e-mail said the motherboard in question was not available. 
I doubled checked online and it showed 1 in stock.  So I called the store (Dallas) and waited on hold for 35 minutes.  They told me yes it should be there, but the part picker could not find it.  They said somebody from sales would call me later.  They never did.

So I created a whole new order with a different motherboard and a different processor.  The motherboard showed 6 in stock and the processor showed 10 in stock.  This time when my partial order was ready for pickup it said BOTH the processor and motherboard were out of stock.  I again went and checked the website and it still showed 6 motherboards and 10 processors in stock at this location. 

I have tried to call this store 3 times this morning and every time I get the message that their hold queue is full and it hangs up on me.

How in the world am I supposed to make an online order that actually works?  I want to buy the processor and motherboard together so I get the $20/off.  Due to COVID I would rather not have to go browsing the store myself.

This has been a very disappointing experience and I an hesitant to try and buy anything else from Microcenter now.


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    Hello @TexasITAdmin! Welcome to the Community. 

    I was able to look up the reservations with your email address. For the first order, unfortunately they really just couldn't locate the item. It's rare but we do occasionally have a discrepancy with what's showing on the website if there's only one or two listed. For the second order, I'm honestly not sure why the two items were cancelled. With the availability we have listed I'd be very surprised if we had none available. It may have just been rejected by mistake. Either way, I'm going to get a message to the store to have them check into this for you and reach back out. Could you private message me your phone number so I can pass that along as well?
  • TexasITAdmin
    I sent you a private message with my number.
  • TexasITAdmin
    Just for everyone else who ever looks at this.
    1. The store never ever reached back out to me even after the customer service rep here said they would.

    2. I ended up driving out to Microcenter, a 45 minute drive, to try and get answers.  I went inside and was able to IMMEDIATELY locate the the parts they said were out of stock.  They were well stocked and the amount on the shelves appeared to match what the online inventory said.  The online inventory hadn't changed either so its doubtful these parts "just came in".

    Every person had a different reason for why my order said they were out of stock when they weren't. 

    All in all it was a very frustrating experience.  I would not do it again.  I'd rather just wait longer for Amazon, Newegg, or B&H Photo to get the item in stock and have it all shipped to me.
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