Proper UEFI settings for an Intel Optane memory module installation

Greetings everyone!
This is my very first post here and I'm looking forward to some great and comprehensive help from fellow PC users.

I'm getting a blue screen with the error message "inaccessible boot device" after I install a (non-M and H) 16GB Optane module to accelerate my secondary HDD, a Seagate Barracuda 2TB, which is my gaming library.

My W10 boot drive is a Samsung 970 EVO Plus 500GB NVMe SSD installed in port M_2 (the one with the heatsink) of my m/b which is an MPG Z390 Gaming Pro Carbon AC with the latest bios. The CPU is an 8th gen Intel 8600K.
Listed below are the settings that the MSI support team suggested.
  1. W10 WHQL Support set to UEFI
  2. MSI fast boot set to Disable
  3. Fast Boot set to Enabled
  4. SATA Mode set to RAID/Optane. Note that the Intel support when I contacted them suggested that I leave this to AHCI. The most likely cause of the blue screen so far.
  5. M.2 Optane Genie set to Enable
  6. M.2_1 RST PCIe Storage Remapping set to Enable
  7. M.2_2 RST PCIe Storage Remapping set to Enable (might have to leave this to Disable since it's the port of my boot NVMe drive)


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