Issues getting external monitor to work

(Preface: I am not a computer person) So I have one of the newer powerspec laptop models that I bought in March. I am trying to get my Acer external Monitor (R2400HY) to work with my laptop. I have everything plugged in and all the wires attached. I cannot find anywhere in my display settings to add a monitor or a second screen. The closest options I've found under "Multiple displays" is "connect to a wireless display" which I don't have, and "enable 3D mode" which doesn't seem relevant or to work. 


  • TS_JosephF
    Hello @ltumblin
    What kind of cable are you using to connect to the external monitor? Have you checked that the input on the monitor is set correctly? 
    If you hold the Windows Key on the keyboard and press the letter P, it will change the display settings. You will want to select extend to use both the monitor and the laptop screen. 
    Also, if it is easier for you, you can post some pictures here of how you have the monitor connected to the laptop. 
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