My 11 year old son wants to build a gaming PC

My 11 year old is looking to build a gaming PC.  This would be his first computer build. He likes the lights and flashy parts. He is looking to game and stream and would like 2-3 monitors. Do you recommend this undertaking?  He would need help on parts and building.


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    Budget is around $1000
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    If you'd like us to do the assembly for you, just keep in mind that there are labor charges for that service, starting at $149.99 and going up from there depending on the scope of the build. You can find more details here:

    That said, in my opinion building a PC isn't THAT difficult. It's kind of like electronic legos. As long as you're patient and careful (and follow a good guide) you shouldn't have any issues building a system. When I built my first PC back in 2011 I just followed a video guide on YouTube and had no problems. 

    Lastly, I do have a question: does that $1000 budget include the monitors, or are those separate? 
  • I would recommend going to pcpartpicker and choosing parts for your budget, then if you can, go to your local microcenter and try to take advantage of combos such as a ryzen cpu with a motherboard.
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