Game's FPS drops to 4 then reconnects my controller, this happens repeatedly

I haven't even had this PC 10 days yet and I've been through the ringer with it. It's a Pre-built Powerspec G706 3700X/16/1/2070S. I play modern warfare warzone. It was fine intill yesterday and then I haven't been able to play a single match. Only other game I play is valorant and it still works fine. I have low settings on my warzone, also did a clean driver reinstall three times. I have no idea why I can't play warzone now. I'm so close to just returning this pc. Once I get into a match i'll be setting at 60-80 FPS just fine then the second I get near another player my FPS will drop to 4 then I wont be able to move. After 5 seconds of it at FPS 4 it'll flash the "go to main settings to switch to keyboard and mouse" icon, and reconnect my controller then I'll be setting at 60-80 fps again intill it happens again 10 seconds later. Some one please help me.


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