Refurbished being sold as Open-Box

I just purchased a computer listed as Open-Box on the Microcenter of Westbury website. Unfortunately, I received a used computer that was used as floor model deduced by the stickers that were removed leaving the glue behind  on the front panel. Not to mention the various scratches and wear and tear (dents), including the faded color of the unit itself. Please don't understand me, if I wanted a refurbished computer, I would have selected one. The website showed no new models in stock and stated one open-box in stock and it clearly stated "SELECT OPEN BOX". To my surprise, Microcenter is trying to represent a Refurbished computer as Open-Box even though the box it came in clearly states Refurbished with no original packaging or labels. I then tried to call the store to speak to a Manager but after being on hold for a while in total silence, the call then suddenly dropped off.
Deceptive advertising is the worst kind of advertising there is. It's a waste of time for the consumer, and it leaves me with a very bad impression of Microcenter. If the computer is used/refurbished, it should be listed and sold accordingly. Very, very unhappy with my transaction with Microcenter of Westbury. 


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    Hi there! Just to clear one thing up, the open-box terminology is applicable to both new and refurbished products. It's used for products that were returned and put back on the shelf for sale or for display models at times. 

    That said, I did look up your purchase with your email and the SKU on your receipt doesn't show anything about it being refurbished on the website. I'm not sure if all the products of this SKU are supposed to be refurbished or if we just made a mistake with this particular unit you purchased, but either way we'll look into this. Since the purchase was just made today you can absolutely bring it back in to us for a return or exchange. I'm going to send you an email follow-up for this as well, please check when you have a chance. 
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