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PowerSpec upgrade

I have a PowerSpec B830 and am interesting in upgrading the graphics card.  I was told by technical support that I shouldn't go with a card that requires more than 450 watts.  Can someone tell me why this is?  I was hoping to get a 650 watt power supply.  Also, my current video card is a GT 630, which as no PCI connectors.  Can I upgrade to a card with connectors?  IF so, is it clear where they connect?


  • The power supply that comes with that model stock is fairly low powered. 300W actually, so a 450W GPU would probably still be a bad idea. that said, that would only apply if you weren't planning on upgrading the PSU. Since you are, you won't have to worry about that. 

    650W is good for pretty much any modern video card, and yes, it will be pretty obvious where the power connectors are. They'll be pretty clear on the side of the video card. 

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