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Hard drive won't boot up

If I bring my hard drive to the store would you be able to crack it so that I could have access to the files and if so do you know approximately how long it would take?


  • When you say crack it. Was the drive encrypted, or are you referring to a BIOS password on the hard drive?
  • I don't believe it's encrypted. It will no longer boot up and we would like to be able to have access to the files inside. When we turn the computer on it comes up with a prompt that says "No Boot Device Available"
  • We offer data recover services. Could just be a corrupt boot sector. You can buy external enclosures and SATA bridges to connect it to another system via USB. We can go beyond that of course of the partition table is damaged and we can send it out to laboratory for repair if there's an actual hardware issue with the drive.
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