Why was I misinformed about Micro Center credit card?

Hello, I recently purchased an item with your promotion to finance if I opened a credit card with you guys. Upon purchasing I was told there would be no interest rate on my payments but my conversation with Wells Fargo today suggested otherwise. They advised me to contact your company and request a 0% ARP. I tried to call several times, yet I only got as far as an automated voice and being hung up on. This process has been very frustrating so far and I’ve yet to receive help. How is it that I was never told about a 28.99% interest rate on my purchase when asked? And is there anyway you can provide the 0% ARP as suggested by Wells Fargo?


  • TS_BryantA
    @Kbw Good morning and thank you for forwarding your concerns to our Micro Center Community. This should be 0% interest on purchase through financing for 6 month financing purchases. Any changes would be handled through Wells Fargo at 800-459-8451, though I like to forward this to my finance department to review this for you. To better assist, please Direct Message me with your name, and the reference number on your receipt for the purchase made with the Micro Center Credit Card. I apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience. 
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