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Fan for Dell Inspiron 3500 Model P86F

My fan is dying.  Dell really dropped the ball on this one. I downloaded the specs for my laptop, nothing with the word "fan" in it. I called their support, person disconnected the call. I searched their tech support--no part number for a fan. The laptop is out of warranty by a couple weeks and Dell refuses to replace it. I hate taking apart laptops and only want to do it once--when I actually replace the fan. Anyone know how to find out the part number? I want to get the correct fan.


  • When you searched for Dell's part number, did you go to their website and try looking it up by the service tag?

    I'd start there, if you haven't. 

  • That was the first thing I did.
  • If Dell won't provide the part information, I'm not sure there's a better way to figure out what fan is in a system than just Googling it, or opening up the computer and checking the part number on the unit itself. Our service desk could verify the correct parts with Dell if you were to bring it in to us for repair, but it sounds like you want to do it yourself. 

    I tried to find some information online but "Inspiron 3500" doesn't appear to be a model I can find information on, I found information for Latitude 3500 or Vostro 3500 instead. Are you sure this is an Inspiron model? If you private message me your service tag I can double check. 
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