Need advice on a new build

I'm looking to build a new computer because my old one is 8 years old and getting slow.  I primarily use it for surfing the internet, watching Youtube, designing parts in Fusion 360 for 3D printing, designing parts in Inkscape for CNC plasma cutter and looking to make videos for Youtube in the future.  Any suggestions?


  • BubbleMax
    Looks great could definitely can handle casual video games easy with this rig.

    I'd say you could also consider going with a m.2 if you want ( The linked m.2 is the same price as the SSD. with a little bit more storage and a blazing fast speed increase >.>

    I'll spare you the jargon but m.2's are so fast as in some cases with file read/write 4 to 5 TIMES faster than a SSD. Do you need this probably not but if you wanted something that would probably meet the highest level of load speed for your 3D printing projects this could be something to consider. It would also probably also shave off time for boot times XD. Down to like a 5 second boot. Really I'm just thinking of maximizing the build this is TOTALLY not needed just an idea if you wanted to like boost your hardware performance to the like max. 

    I'm a gamer but basically this would make your PC the ultimate like casual usage desktop. Ya can laugh at your fellow 3D printer users load times when they load in 15 minutes and yours take 3 minutes to load in XD. 
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