Can someone please helo with a quiet gaming pc?

Have hyperacusis and small electronic noises bother me, im trying to build a gaming pc my ima a beginner.  I care more about a quiet pc then the performance my budget is $110 if someone can help i appreciate it


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    Welcome to the forum, @Ammar. I am going to assume that the budget number was a typo and that you're working with roughly $1100 to spend. I'll do my best to select quiet components, but be mindful that all electronics are bound to make noise, even passively cooled components due to the simple nature of electromagnetic (and electrostriction) forces.

     With that in mind, here is what I decided upon: Price is $1098.93 before taxes, and does not include the cost of Windows 10 or any peripherals. 

    I went with an AMD build simply because their processors run a fair bit cooler than Intel while offering very comparable performance, and their stock coolers are pretty quiet under load. I chose an RTX 2060 Super triple fan because this particular model has been reviewed to be quiet under sustained gaming loads. The chassis I went with is a Fractal Design Define S2, which is great for your needs as it includes noise dampening panels. This chassis also comes in white if you prefer that aesthetic. The 650W PSU is a bit overkill for the component selection, but I wanted to run a higher wattage unit so we can use it without the fan having to run at a higher duty load. I chose a SATA based M.2 SSD instead of NVMe because they run a fair bit cooler, use less power and as a result, have a lower chance of producing the aforementioned electromagnetic noise. The board I chose is functional and a great value, but keep in mind that it does not come with WiFi. If you need WiFi, we can go with a more expensive board, or buy a third party wireless adapter. I went with some high performance memory that will pair nicely with the CPU and board selection, and it continues this sort of black & white theme that the build currently has going for it.

    With the component selection out of the way, I want to give you some general advice on how to achieve a quiet PC gaming environment.

    #1. Make sure you cap your framerates in-game using the settings menu, or by enabling V-Sync. This will prevent you from rendering more frames than what your monitors refresh rate can display, and will reduce your GPU and CPU usage as a result. The less work these components do, the less cooling they need, the quieter they run.

    #2. Use custom fan curves and fan profiles. Every modern motherboard gives you the option to adjust your fan speeds. You can choose from several different presets, with "quiet" being one of them. We have a guide here on how to do so with ASRock motherboards: You can also do the same with graphics cards, though this requires third party software. I myself prefer MSI Afterburner, but you can also use Gigabyte's AORUS Engine or others as well. Note: Your components may run hotter, but modern components have built in throttling functions to protect them from high thermals. If you are fine with the performance of your components after making adjustments to the fan curves, you should be okay assuming the fans are not actually off under load.

    #3. Use wireless peripherals and longer display cables to keep your system further away from you. This might sound like the most basic and simple solution, but it's also the most effective. For the high pitch whining noise produced by electronics, nothing is more effective at remedying this noise than distance. The further away you are, the less likely you are to hear the noise. If you need recommendations for a good wireless Keyboard/Mouse setup, I myself prefer the Logitech Lightspeed series (G703 mouse, G915 keyboard). You can also ask around the forum for recommendations as we have plenty of keyboard & mice enthusiasts that can share their opinions and experience.

    #4. Noise cancelling headphones. This one helps with masking the PC noise, but can be bitter sweet if you do not like the feel of noise cancelling headphones. I myself dislike them as they often make my ears sweat and they make my head feel like it's under water, but this will simply be a preference thing. Do note that you do not need to be listening to anything to benefit from the noise cancelling properties, as they typically do well with shutting out a decent amount of noise passively.

    I wish you the best of luck with achieving the level of silence you are looking for. If you have any questions, let us know.
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