Crescent Rose - Micro Center Build

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imageCrescent Rose - Micro Center Build

Why did I build this? I wanted a computer that had good processing power, could also run some games, and I was able to obtain most of the parts at a good price. Occasionally I need to either compile some code or edit a video, and the Ryzen 7 3800x has

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  • Titan363
    Very cool approach ONETILTEDSOFAB. I am all up with the repurposing of parts. The build I'm doing now is all new, but it takes me so long to buy parts, I have a gen 9 PCU from Intel, and now bought a Gen 10 to stay up to date , never got the Core I5 9600K out the box, lol. I have a EVGA 750 SuperNova power supply that has been threw 6 builds with me, lol. Great job ONETILTEDSOFAB.
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