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The person who is behind VenturiXR_07

Hi, I am new here and last year I bought a prebuilt gaming desktop and I am thinking about about upgrading the pc and the specs are ASRock 760GM-HDV motherboard AMD FX-6300 6 core, AMD Radeon RX 560 4 gig, 8 gig of RAM DDR3 and 460 watt power supply and I recently brought my desktop to geek squad and I got a small virus due to booting issues and someone said to me that the reason I got a virus from playing online and I got one question do gaming pc’s get viruses from playing online.


  • TSMikeWTSMikeW admin
    edited July 26
    First, anything is possible, but its not likely you're going to get a virus specifically from playing a game. You may get a virus from downloading third party mods for a game, that's pretty common and I have cleaned that up for customers in the past. You may also get a virus or be targeted via discord. Either someone will link you to a virus. I've seen people use disguised tracking links to get your IP through a program like discord as an example, to then DDoS you. This isn't a virus, this is meant to disconnect or lag you.

    Bottom line, highly unlikely if you're just playing an online game normally and your not delving into the modding community on sources that are not well policed. To add to that, most mod sites do include scanners, but nothing is perfect. You make something unique and it'll get past every AV scanner out there. AV Scanners rely on  heuristics to detect previously undetected viruses. I'm simplifying this, but basically it's looking for familiar segments of code that have been seen in other viruses to flag the item for further examination. 
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