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Repasting Laptops

Hello to anyone who sees this, I’m planning on buying a laptop from micro center. And after a bad experience with a recent laptop running hot I was wondering if Micro Center will take apart the machine and apply fresh thermal paste as one of their services.


  • Hello @LeMillian! Welcome to the Community. 

    If a laptop is overheating re-pasting it is something we can definitely do, although I believe we would only do that if the unit is actually overheating, not as a pre-emptive service. Issues like that are very rare for a brand new laptop though, so I don't think you need to worry about it. 
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    Understandable I just know 90c underload can be avoided if the repasting is done and that’s some peace of mind I’d like. The last laptop I had the provided thermal paste was rock solid on the cpu and gpu and I had it for less than a month. It looked similar to the cpu in my desktop I had and I had owned that for a year before repasting.
  • Always welcome to ask service about it when you come in! 
  • Excellent thank you for all your help!
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