I need help upgrading my PowerSpec B675

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I bought my PC from the SOM Center Rd store a while back and I want to upgrade it to do video editing and video game streaming better.   Any suggestions of compatible parts to get would be appreciated! Thank you so much!!  Currently I have this with no changes:
PowerSpec B675 I5-84/16/500/10P
sku# 788463
  1.  Is there a video card you can recommend that will work for my unit? 
  2.  Can the CPU be upgraded without switching motherboards? 
  3.  I don't think there is an empty slot for additional RAM, should I replace them with better ones? 
  4.  I also plan to switch to a SSD too (since mine actually came with an old fashioned HD) so any suggestions there would be great also. 
  5.  Any other ideas to make my machine much better for video editing/streaming? 
  6.  Should I just replace the whole thing instead because I want to change everything and it will cost the same at that point? I was trying to spend less than the cost of a brand new gaming PC. 


  • BubbleMax
    So what PSU do you have? (if its at 650 or 750 you're going to be pretty much set.) When it comes to choosing a new CPU. 
    Next question what CPU socket does your MotherBoard have right now? (this will decide what your upgrade options are and what motherboard you might need if you want to get a DIFFERENT MB'd) Also the other last question you should answer when upgrading or changing a CPU is what is your purpose of the CPU is it just a CPU upgrade from a i3 or i5 to a i7 or are you buying with the intention of upgrading to lets say the new 3080 ti GTX? In which a i9 might be better suited. 

    As to the RAM question I'd say either buy another stick of the same ram or buy a new dual channel set cause typically you want with motherboards if you can afford it to take advantage of the dual channel ram slots. OR if you don't have two sticks of ram go single channel. Just don't mix and match or your bios can get confused and the PC maybe can get unstable. Better with RAM can be very subjective I'd say stick to middle of the road and don't go over maybe like a $175's in ram Cause its not really worth it unless your crunching like enormous amounts of content for a twitch or YT channel at like 4k or 8k. 

    In terms of SSD's I'd say if you got the money and the slot on the Motherboard consider an m.2 they can YES be pricy but some have had some great deals as of late and are significantly faster than even SSD's if speed and loading is a concern. (M.2's are 4x to 5x >SSD's and are like 2x the speed of a >HDD.)z

    This is my 2 cents and ideas and where to kinda propel yourself forward. 
  • TSTonyV
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    The power supply that comes with a B675 is 400W, for that I would recommend a GTX 1650 Super. It's a budget card, but vastly superior to the integrated graphics for sure. Also gives you access to NVIDIA's new NVENC encoder which is great for live-streaming. 

    You can upgrade the CPU to another one from the 8000-series Intel CPUs without changing anything. You could do something from the 9000 series with a BIOS update I believe. If you do upgrade the CPU, keep in mind that the ASRock H310M-HDV in this system does not allow for overclocking, so you won't want to choose any of the unlocked K chips. 

    I would only replace the RAM if you want more. The board in this system can go up to 32GB RAM maximum, but 16GB is pretty good, depending on just how in-depth you wanted to go with the video editing. 

    For SSDs, our Inland SSDs are affordable and pretty solid so I'd say you can't go wrong there. I'm also a fan of Crucial SSDs. Although, the B675 should've come with an SSD, was there something about your unit that caused us to replace it with an HDD?

    For video editing and streaming it's mainly GPU/CPU and RAM, just depends on exactly how much you want to upgrade. As it stands, just adding a video card is big. 

    I might look at a new build if what you want to do would end up requiring you to replace your board and PSU, just depends on exactly what kind of performance you're looking for and what budget you have. 
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