First time build for gaming, $700 budget, help and critiques please?

Hello! I've put together a parts list and I'd like to have it looked over by people who actually know what they're doing. I'm most worried about my choice of the Ryzen 3 3100 because I never see it being used in builds, even though it seems to get decent reviews online. Is it worth spending more for a better processor? I've also noticed almost none of the Ryzen 3 processors anywhere are being sold for under $100 right now. Is that normal, or would it be worth waiting to see if prices go down? Any and all tips appreciated. Thanks!

(The Micro Center PC Builder doesn't have some of the components I found so here's my list from PC Part Picker)


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    The Ryzen 3 3100 is a solid budget option, the reason why it's uncommon is because the Ryzen 3 3300X is only about $20 more and is faster. Depending on the games and your exact use case sometimes the difference is pretty significant. Personally, I would jump up to the 3300X unless your budget is just that tight. Prices may go down at some point, but right now these are high demand and prices are likely to stay consistent until the 4000-series CPUs finally drop. 

    One thing I would change is instead of a single stick of 16GB RAM, switch it to two sticks of 8GB. Running RAM in dual-channel mode can have some pretty significant benefits and it's going to cost about the same either way. 
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