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New PC Builder - Advice on Build - $3k Budget - Gaming

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Hello, Friends!

First timer here looking for advice on the build I've pieced together. Looking for anything you can recommend as far as compatibility, better options relative to my budget etc. 

I was planning on installing OS on the NVME M.2 SSD (but not sure how much of a difference if any it would be compared to installing on the SATA SSD - using PC Part Picker I read this mobo shares bandwidth with one of the SATA 6 GB/s ports and will deactivate one of them if I use NVME - perhaps there is a better mobo?).

Will also be transplanting my (I guess standard/Nvidia brand?) RTX 2060 super from my current rig (hence no GPU in the build). Any advice the professionals can offer would be greatly appreciated! 

Thank you in advance!!  :)


  • Greetings,

    No issues for me overall. I hadn't used the ASUS Thor line of PSU's, but looking into them briefly, they seem to be using Seasonic as an OEM, so thumbs up on those units. The RAM is ideal and easy to setup. [email protected], you should just be able to load your DOCP profile and go. You've got a good AIO cooler, you're buying a Maximus board. Hope you're planning to do at least a little overclocking. Tell us more about what you're using it for and we may be able to make a few other suggestions.

    Regarding the SATA ports, it's not terribly restrictive. So if you use M.2_1 in SATA mode, (Which you're not with an NVME drive) you disable SATA6G_2. If M.2_2 is occupied with an x4 NVME drive, you lose PCIEX16_3. If M.2_3 is occupied, SATA6G_5-6 are disabled. With the components  you've listed, I don't really see any of this being an issue for you down the road.

  • Good Afternoon Mike!

    Thank you for taking time to check this out and offer advice. The main goal/use I have is a high tier gaming rig that I will not have to upgrade (much) for as long as possible! I definitely intend to utilize overclocking. At some point I will also upgrade the GPU to either a RTX Titan or the 2080 Ti for max settings 4k gaming on upcoming/next gen games (Cyberpunk/AC: Valhalla etc.).

    Long story short, as beastly a gaming rig as possible within my budget.

    Thanks again!
  • Well if you're going for "beastly gaming rig" you're on the right track. I would've said the 10900k is overkill, especially if you're using a 2060, but since you plan to upgrade to a top-tier GPU anyway that doesn't really matter. 

    The one thing I'll mention is that 4k gaming right now is very GPU bottlenecked, even on a 2080ti. A Ryzen 5 3600 and a 10900k are going to perform basically the same at 4k. If it were me, I'd probably wait for the 3000 series NVIDIA GPU's to see what kind of performance they have. I'd expect more gains for high-res gaming with the next generation cards. 
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