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New PC builder (need help) any advice

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My Budget at the moment is 1700 with main use of Gaming and Video and picture editing and if I have time to stream will do so. Also this will be use for day to day use heavy multi tasking. Any advice on this build.


  • I've been seeing a lot of good builds put together by customers this morning and this is another one. Solid all around. The only thing I'm going to suggest here is the RAM.  You're building an AMD system, so try to go for DDR4 [email protected] I've mentioned this quite a bit before. The main reason is it's just as high as you comfortably can on the Zen 2 platform. You'll be at 1800Mhz on your three memory related clocks (mclk, fclk, uclk). Past 1800Mhz on the fclk(Infinity Fabric) is where you tend to become unstable. You want those clocks synced, and they'll do so automatically up until roughly 1866Mhz(3733Mhz). 

    This is just a suggestion to maximize performance and be more on par with comparable Intel platforms. With AMD's CCX design memory latency is increased, but you can push higher frequencies to compensate for it and I would recommend it. Especially since these good 3600 CL16 IC's which I believe are Hynix C-Die, seem to be shooting up in price.
  • Thank You, I replaced it with G. Skill Ripjaws 16GB DDR4-3600 CL16. But I am not sure on the case that I should get if its the lian li cool 2, nzxt h510 or thermal take v200 or fractal design meshify c

  • I own the LanCool II and like it pretty well. It's a cavern, good cooler height. It'll fit a 360mm radiator in the front. Good case all around.
  • @Itsfilapino Great selection of parts. If I could recommend anything, it would be to upgrade your monitor. The 75hz display that you've selected will serve you well, to be sure! However, upgrading to a higher refresh rate or larger resolution will show a noticeable difference and take full advantage of your build.
  • Thank you, I decided on getting the thermaltake v200 just to save me 20.00. I know its not alot but I am already over budget by 86 bucks. Also yes definitely buying another monitor in the near future with 144 hz. Planning on viewsonic xxg2405 or ASUS VG248qg. Leaning toward more on the ASUS Though 

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