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Fountain Project

I was wanting to created a fountain that has three separate pumps.  Each pump would turn off and on for several seconds at a time, or even be randomized.  I have been told that I might be able to create something using a Raspberry Pi.  Unfortunately, I am completely unfamiliar with this product.  Does anyone have suggestions.  There is an aftermarket product that has three pumps and 12 different settings but it is over $750.  All help would be greatly appreciated.


  • Well, you're going to need to learn some python to do this. If you're a newbie, my advice would be to find a similar project and use that as a basis for your own project, by modifying their code. You're basically going to be controlling a relay switch on a timer, via the GPIO. There's are a lot of guides online for this, controlling relays via the GPIO on Raspberry Pi. There's a guide here that covers more of the hardware side and working with relays:
  • For something as simple as controlling a set of pumps an Arduino would be more than adequate and most likely end up being less expensive. You'll need a relay for each pump (Something like this 2 channel version would work well). Your code would be identical to the code for flashing an LED, but you would connect the pin on your Arduino to a relay instead of an LED. This tutorial from Arduino's website would be a great starting point. Regardless of what hardware you choose you'll want to avoid using a function that pauses your code (delay() on an Arduino or time.sleep() in Python) unless you're planning on turning the pumps on and off together.
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