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imageClub Nacho - Micro Center Build

The theme represents my favorite movie. I wanted to build a machine that would play games on high graphics, serve as my first programming machine, and display as a piece of artwork. Believe it or not, this was my first self built pc. I play Heroes of

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  • hoodiejoe
    If this is meant to be a workstation then i understand, but if you are gaming a lot, maybe some of that custom loop money could have been put into the graphics card? Build still looks cool though.
  • Rovie
    Okay. What graphics card minimum do you suggest? Thanks for the feedback!
  • TSTonyV
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    Rovie said:
    Okay. What graphics card minimum do you suggest? Thanks for the feedback!
     The 1660 isn't a bad card by any stretch, it's a solid budget card that's good for gaming at 1080p at decent framerates in modern games, though graphically demanding titles will usually require you to lower your settings to compensate. This really depends on what kind of games you're playing and what resolution/framerate you want to go for. 
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