New pc not posting

Hello!  I built my first PC today and I got it all out together but when I turn it on it won’t post to the monitor, all the lights come on and all the fans come on too but nothing shows up on the screen. The monitor is setup correctly and is on.  I know this is probably a tough thing to diagnose without seeing it but i would love any help I can get.  


  • Jeroen
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    Hi Cortor.
    That could be a lot of reasons. Let's try the following to begin with:

    1. Does your motherboard have a code that is showing on the motherboard? Most motherboard nowadays have a code display on the motherboard itself that displays codes. if your computer is not booting up, the error code should show on there. The corresponding error code should be written in the motherboard manual. If your motherboard doesn't have this code, it could be:
    2. Memory sticks are not put in the right slots or may be broken. Put one stick in at a time and boot up each time. If it boots on one stick, try the other one. if it doesn't boot, that 2nd stick is most likely bad.
    3. Your GPU could be the culprit. Is it seated in all the way? Is it seated in the recommended top PCI Express slot? If you take the GPU out, does your motherboard have on-board graphics? Try to take out the GPU and see if it works.
    4. Are the GPU cables firmly seated in the GPU and in the monitor? ( I know, it sounds silly, but it happens often) Is your monitor displaying the correct port (DP or HDMI?)

    Let me know if above tips work.

  • TSPhillipT
    Hello @Cortor

    All the advice Jeroen has said is all great and I highly recommend doing the steps he listed!

    We also have an article on a few more steps to try if the stems Jeroen recommended did not work;
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