Trying to simplify specifying a build — Micro Center

Trying to simplify specifying a build

1. Not for gaming, does not need to look like a transformer, does not need lighting
I need max number of 3.0 USB ports, a decent power supply, 1TB solid state drive ( NVMe/Sata ? )
Is there on board video on motherboards, or are these all without, requiring selecting?
I searched Microcenter for any standardized builds that they may be doing ahead of orders, for others using computers in business.  TIA for input


  • On-board video is actually going to be tied to your processor. If you purchase a processor with integrated graphics, then you can use the video ports on the motherboard.

    When you say "max" number of USB ports, do you have an exact number you need? And do you have a price-range in mind for the build?
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