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Beginner (13 years old) basic gaming computer-$400 Budget

My son wants to build a basic gaming pc for beginners. He wants to run mostly fortnite and budget is around $400. Is this possible? Thanks


  • $400 is a pretty tight budget, but thankfully Fortnite is pretty light with graphics requirements. You can get away with using the integrated Vega 11 graphics on a Ryzen 5 3400G for it. The Vega 11 is roughly comparable to the old GTX 750 video card in performance, and if you tweak your graphics settings right you can run Fortnite at 1080p/60FPS with it. 

    I would put together something like this:

    It's only 8GB of RAM, but that's enough for basic gaming and other general use. Managed to fit in an SSD for Windows, the hard drive is there for extra storage in case you need it. The 550W power supply will allow you some wiggle room to add in a dedicated GPU in the future if you decided you wanted to upgrade and get some more gaming performance out of the system.  It's a little over the $400 budget, but I think it'd be worth it because you'd be cutting some corners to get under $400 that I wouldn't really want to. 

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