Would appreciate someone to look over 2 ideas, and heat sink help?

I've got an Intel build and a AMD build that I worked out the best I could. The budget I was thinking was around 1,200 - 1,500.  This is mostly a gaming PC I would say although I do lots of odd random stuff on here and usually have music or videos going while I play games. I play heavy Simulation games more than flashy shooters although I'd like to be able to play a range of games. I like the NBA so graphics do matter too. I also only choose parts that were for sure in stock at my local store. Links to the builds below.

Some games I play: Crusader Kings 2, Stellaris, Bannerlord, NBA 2k series

I think I'm happy with the 7 series in the Intel and AMD lines for CPU, I've thought about the 5's but nah. When I was building both I noticed my options for motherboards were different and that sort of through me off. I get why, but look at all the different specs was too much for me. I'm a little worried I'll end up making a poor selection, what do you think of the ones I choose? I went cheap on this end mostly because I didn't know what to really look for, so I could spend more here if you think another is better. One thing I do is record music, and my current computer had no ability to use USB 3 Type C connectors. I looked these seem common now which is good but those little things are what I'm hoping I don't end up missing. 

There are different brands that sell similar parts, if you see any I've chosen but know of another that is better, please let me know, I have little idea on which brands do what well.
Is my power supply a good choice? 
Really need help with cooling. Have zero idea how many or what to get, please help. I really dont want to get into liquid cooling, or any colored lights. The case I chose is also super simple and basic. Do I need water cooling with this type of PC? Is it complicated? Is the case decent?

Any other pointers, please let me know, this is my first time building my own! Crazy stuff. 

Intel idea
AMD idea


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    Both builds are pretty solid, wouldn't have any complaints for either of them really. 

    As far as the motherboards are concerned, provided you choose one that's compatible most motherboards will work just fine. Brand isn't that important, you can find and low quality boards from the same brand. It's more about the individual product than anything. The primary question is what kind of connectivity and features you want. Since you have USB Type C you want to use, you'll definitely want to make sure the board you choose has a front panel USB-C header, not all boards include them. The board on the Intel build includes one, but the board on the AMD build does not. These are a couple boards tat would be a good alternative at a similar price that comes with a front-panel USB-C header:

    https://www.microcenter.com/product/611269/gigabyte-aorus-elite-wifi-x570-amd-am4-atx-motherboard (doesn't have a rear USB-C)


    Water cooling is not a requirement, but that case can definitely support it. The CPU cooler that comes with the 3700X is actually pretty solid and will be sufficient for stock use, but you can use an aftermarket cooler if you'd like. For the 10700k, I'd recommend something like a Noctua NH-U14s or NH-D15 for an air cooler, or you could use a 240mm AIO liquid cooler like a Corsair H100i or an EVGA Kraken X53

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    I just noticed the case I had selected has no opening in the front for an optical drive. Hmm, is that the norm now? The build maker didn't alert me that the case was not compatible with an optical drive, but when i tried the same build on PC Part Picker, I had no option of picking an optical drive which makes sense. 
    I hope the rest of the selections will all work together,  I assumed the builder was only allowing me to pick parts that would work.
  • TSTonyV
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    Yeah, that's pretty much then norm now with new computer cases. We do carry some that have optical drive slots, just not a lot. 

    Everything else in your builds were compatible. 
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