Mixamp Availability at N Central Expressway, Dallas

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Hello, I am looking for a particular product rather urgently, the Astro Mixamp Pro TR. I'm hoping to find out if it is available in the aforementioned store location before going there in person. Thank you in advance.

If that mixamp is not available, I am open to recommendations. I need a mixamp with a 6.35mm headphone port, two 3.5mm stereo ports, a mic input, at least one optical port (ideally 2 but not critical), and volume/bass controls with a mute setting for the mic. If possible, I'd prefer the amp to have PC software available for adjusting audio. I am willing to spend up to $150, and yes I realize that may not be realistic for this ask.

If I can't find the appropriate amp, I need to return the headphones I've purchased, hence my urgency. Again, thanks in advance.


  • TSTonyV
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    We carry a few Astro headsets that come with mixamp, but don't carry the mixamp by itself.

    I looked through our stock and I couldn't find anything quite like it either unfortunately. It kind of resembles an audio interface, but a typical audio interface doesn't have the same ports and is designed more for music and audio recording purposes. The mixamp looks like it's designed explicitly for PC/Console headset purposes. 
  • Keir
    I see. That's unfortunate, but thank you for the prompt reply. It looks like I will need to find another headset with a more conventional connector. Back to the drawing board.
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