Need Help Choosing/Verifying Parts

I put this parts list together and am asking for help to see if I missed any components (Concered about missing parts to complete the Hydro X cooling.


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    So there's a few things at first glance here that I noticed. 

    First, the motherboard you chose is an AMD AM4 motherboard, NOT an Intel board. The 9900K won't fit in these boards. 

    If you want to go with Intel, I'd recommend going with the i7-10700k (which is basically identical to the 9900K) and a Z490 motherboard. You can also go with a MUCH cheaper motherboard than what you chose here, e.g. a Gigabyte Z490 AORUS Ultra. Unless there's a very specific set of features you're looking for that you can only find on the ultra high-end boards, going with a cheaper board won't make any major differences.  We can also save cost in other areas like the SSD without losing any performance, personally I'd recommend the 2TB Crucial MX500. 

    Also the GPU water block you chose isn't compatible with that particular model of 2080ti. Corsair lets you check compatibility with certain models of video card on their website for this water block, but this exact model isn't appearing on the list and the other FTW3 cards that do are not compatible. You need to use a 2080ti with a reference design PCB, not a custom PCB like that one. This card has a reference PCB design, but it's a refurbished unit:

    As for your water cooling, you don't just need the water block and pump/reservoir, you also need a radiator, fans, tubing and fittings if you weren't aware. We actually have an overview on the all the parts needed for a custom liquid cooling loop, you can start reading it here:
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