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Looking to build a streaming and gaming build. Streaming will involve the following type of streams
-Ps4 with face cam and overlay
-An overhead and a face cam for tabletop gaming and overlay
-PC gaming with face cam and overlay

Would this build be up for the task? Should I put anything else in to it? 


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    Hello @Alwaysryu! Welcome to the Community. 

    This build is definitely up to the task, the only thing I might change would be recommending the Ryzen 7 3700X or Intel i5-10600k and going with a 2080 Super for the video card. Both of those CPUs are more than capable of live-streaming and gaming at the same time if you're using software encoding, and you could get an in-game performance uplift from the 2080 Super vs the 2070 Super which is always nice to have. 

    The other thing to consider is that the RTX video cards include the NVENC encoder which is quite good for live streaming and unless you're constantly maxing out your GPU usage, you can pretty much just slap on NVENC and have no problems streaming while completely freeing up your CPU for any other resources on your system, and in that case the 3900X is probably overkill and you could just save some money on a less expensive CPU. This is going to depend on the games you play as well as your target settings for your live stream but it's definitely something to consider. I have a system with a Ryzen 7 3700X and a 2080 Super and I've done a lot of testing on live streams and I've found that with the games I play, software encoding has worked best for me, but many people use only NVENC and never have any issues. 

    If you're interested, I actually wrote a live-streaming guide that goes over a lot of those concepts in a little more detail. 
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