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    Pretty solid build all around, but there's some things I'd change. First thing is that you don't need a 4x8GB kit of RAM, 16GB is plenty for most people and going with a kit of 2x8GB should be fine. If you want 32GB of RAM, then a 2x16GB kit will work just fine as well while still leaving slots open for future upgrades. 

    Second, I'd personally get the i7-10700k + Z490 motherboard over the i9-9900k + Z390 board. They're essentially the same processor, but you get the benefit of the newer Intel platform. Or alternatively, if you're only gaming, then I'd get the i5-10600k, save some money but still get basically identical gaming performance as the 9900k and 10700k. That would leave you some money left to get a better CPU cooler, upgrade your storage a bit, etc... 

    Third, I'd also personally recommend a different case. The Thermaltake V200 does not have good airflow at all, so with some of the savings on other parts we can go with something like a Fractal Design Meshify C instead. We can even fit in an AIO liquid cooler for the CPU with RGB if that's something you really want. If you're okay without the RGB we can definitely still save some cost on the cooler and RAM. 

    For example:

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