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All I need in a PC - Micro Center Build

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imageAll I need in a PC - Micro Center Build

Honestly, I’m not a gamer nor a creator. I just browse the internet and talk to my friends on discord. I’m using this PC for my masters program. It is a machine that I can remote into and use on the go. I’m not claiming to be the best build. I just think

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  • It's a clean build! What are you studying for your Master's?
  • Looks good. However, I would not keep it on the carpet especially with your PSU in the basement of your case. You want good airflow for the PSU to pull the air from the bottom and out the back.
    Get something like a low stand to put it on. That should also help keep any dust/dirt in the carpet from infiltrating into your case. It won't stop it entirely, but it will not require you to clean it out as frequently. :)
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