Would like advice on this build

Building first PC and my buds helped me put this list together. I play Mostly Counterstrike and Valorant and am looking for Max FPS. Budget is right around where this build comes out too. 
Would like advice on things to change to make it better/cheaper/more well rounded.
Thanks for the help!


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    If your main concern is max FPS, at this price it'd be better to look at the i5-10600k for your CPU instead of the 3700X. The 3700X is great and quite capable in gaming but the 10600k is definitely the better gaming CPU by a fair bit. CSGO might be an individual exception to this as I believe it tends to favor AMD, but even then I think at best you'd have the same performance with both. In basically every other game the 10600k is definitely better.

    You do have to purchase an aftermarket cooler but even at stock settings without an overclock the 10600k will give you better FPS than the 3700X. 
  • If I change over to the i5-10600k should I change my graphics card to the 2060 KO ultra? Will that give me better performance than if I were to stick with the AMD cpu and gpu?
  • TSPhillipT
    The 2060 KO Ultra will be a downgrade from a 5700XT however with the 10600K, it should make up the difference.  If you are looking for the Nvidia comparison to the 5700XT, you would need to look at a 2060 Super.  

    Don't forget that switching to the 10600K also means needing to get your own CPU Cooler as well and a switch to the Z490 motherboards.  
  • Would I not be needing my own cpu cooler if I stuck with the AMD setup I had linked above? Little confused on when I will or won’t be needing one. Thanks for the help gents.
  • TSPhillipT
    The 3700X will come with it's own CPU cooler, the Ryzen Wraith Prism.  the 10600K will not come with a CPU cooler. 

    Generally, Ryzen does come with it's own CPU Cooler, Intel does on lower end models, higher end models do not come with one.  
  • ah I see. Thanks!
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