Build Now or Wait?

I currently am rocking a 2015 laptop for gaming that is on its last legs. I would like to build a PC now using microcenter before I move away from a nearby store...I have heard new tech coming soon from microcenter staff and people talking on this forum and am unsure what to do. No matter what I do its going to be a big upgrade from my previous computer.

Here is my list that I have narrowed down too if I build now with the help of friends and the admin on this page. (Not super interested in the new 10th Gen intel processors, but any other final tips are appreciated)


  • Turns out the Gigabyte 5700XT I was looking at is now sold out. Can either go for the Sapphire Tech Nitro+, Sapphire Tech Pulse 5700xt, or Go over to a rtx 2070 Super,
  • TSPhillipT
    Hello @incrediblepulk

    The only big announcements I can see coming are new GPUs like Nvidia's 3000 Series as well as AMDs response to it.  These will also be in the next few months to possibly 4-6 months before release.  I think it's fine to go forward with an upgrade as you are close to Micro Center now.  
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