Winbook CW140 - Overheats and Hibernates/Shutsdown

My laptop is about 1 year old and it's always had random hibernate/shutdown issues.  It would be continuous when playing a game like Starcraft 2, although I use the lowest graphic settings and battery saver mode.  It would work better when unplugged, and shut down more often when plugged in.  
But sometimes, I can simply be browsing the internet with nothing intensive going on and the temperature in my house could be 71, and it still has this issue.  I use the laptop on a flat laptop table and often I can't even tell it is hot until it shuts down and I touch the bottom.  Is there something I can do so that I can actually utilize the Performance aspects of my i5 processor rather than simply dumbing down the settings until it stops overheating?  I love the form factor and specs for the price I paid, but a great deal isn't worth anything if it won't stay on. 
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