RTX 2060 or "super"

I have a i7 6 gen with 20gb ram SSD 1tb drive, and the bottleneck is my   old 960 video card,  reading the RTX 2060 "super"  is the one to get for around $400, I see a whole range of non "super" 2060 for $300+   do I need a super, I am sure the $300 2060 are great cards when would I see the difference ? my next step would be to upgrade to a i7 9th Gen  I read that a i9  is not worth the money for most needs even gaming,
its a old Lenovo system I am upgrading PSU is 400w does that need to go now also! $$$


  • TSPhillipT
    Hello @Newbuilder

    When it comes to the GPU, what games are you looking to play and at what resolution?  This will help determine between a 2060 and a 2060 Super.  

    When it comes to upgrading the processor, you will also need to upgrade the motherboard as well.  A motherboard that supports 6th Gen Intel will not support 9th Gen Intel.  

    Lastly, you will need to upgrade your Power Supply, I usually recommend upgrading the Power Supply 50-100W higher than recommended on your GPU pick.  
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