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So here's the deal. I'm looking for something with the smallest form factor that I can use for a dual purpose - Entertainment and Gaming PC. I want something that I can have in the family room integrated into my home theater the I can use for both purposes. Obviously the gaming aspect of it will be the most demanding.

I work in the aviation industry and have been anticipating the new Microsoft Flight sim for a LONG time. I am looking for the best performance that I can fit into the smallest form factor as I don't have a lot of space for a large case. I would be outputting to a 4K monitor and would like the highest frame rates that I can get. Also I'm anticipating the VR upgrade release at some point in the future and am considering several VR options (HP Reverb G2, etc). I haven't built a PC in probably 20 years so I feel like a newbie at this point.

My concerns are (and please bare with me as a lot has changed in the years I've done something like this!)-
- It looks like the video card I've chosen is the best that I can get within the limitations of the case I've picked (210mm length maximum). Will it be enough for what I'm looking for with regards to Microsoft Flight?
- I'm worried about overheating issues with a lot packed into such a small case with limited ventilation.
- Speaking of which, the case description states "you can even install a 120mm radiator in the front for extreme cooling". Not to sound stupid, but does this pertain to only to water cooling or does that mean it will accept another 120mm fan aside from the 140mm one that comes with the case?
- Speaking of water cooling, does it truly provide enhanced cooling? The case specs state that it is 'liquid cooling capable' but not 'liquid cooling ready'. Is that feasible or necessary for what I want to do?

If I am totally missing the mark here, don't be afraid to let me know. I would definitely appreciate ANY suggestions to get me in the right direction. Again, I haven't done this in a long time and I don't really have a MicroCenter all that convenient to me to make a lot of trips to.

Also, I already have a Logitech MX Anywhere keyboard and mouse and a spare 1TB 970 EVO to use. Aside from some misc cables, anything else I'm missing?

Thank you, thank you and thanks again for any help you guys and girls can provide. It will be much appreciated!


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    Greetings @SteelCityPGH

    First, you're going to be fine on an RTX 2070 with this game. I don't expect you'll have a framerate issue anywhere except perhaps VR, but I have not tested this and we'll have to see how well optimized it is.

    Regarding cooling, the front fan is 140MM, it'll mount at 120 or 140. If you wanted to water cool you would be replacing this fan with your radiator and fan assembly. You can mount 2x80mm on the side to improve cooling. Though with your setup this should not be a problem. The chassis does offer good airflow.

    For the build itself, it's pretty solid all around and you shouldn't have any issues. RAM, as I've stated many times. I try to shoot for 3600 CL16 on Zen 2, but it's all about the cost. If that's a cheap upgrade, go for it. If not, don't worry about it.
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