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Hey there, I put this parts list together and am looking for some advice. I have two sets of 32gb (2x16gb) Gskill trident royal ram for a total of 64gb of ram. I've always been a little confused on this, but, I shouldn't have any issues with the fact that they are two different sets, but the same make, so, combining them into one PC shouldn't cause errors or dysfunction, right? It's only if they are different makes i.e one is gskill and the other corsair or something like that. That's when errors occur in ram right? Sorry if this comes out a little weird, i'm just confused by ram so it's hard to put into words what i'm trying to say. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


  • Both kits of ram will work great together, just make sure to enable XMP Profile in the bios so you fully utilize their high speed.
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    Greetings @Bak

    Your build looks good first off. Like the Corsair RM series power supply and there's nothing wrong with the build at all. Lets look at the memory though and go into a bit about overclocking RAM. Mainly that having more sticks, higher load on the memory controller, there's a higher risk you're not going to be able to POST at the XMP profile. The manufacturer tested two sticks, not four. But this is something you can work with. If they're identical you'll still be able to load the XMP profile. If not you would have to do this manually and just follow the specifications on the package, for timings and voltage.

    So lets get into some simple memory overclocking like this and some situations you may run into. You may load the profile, save, exit and it'll either hang. Which will require a CMOS reset, or it'll reboot a few times and default to failsafes. Most likely the low JEDEC profile, 2133, CL15. So if it reboots more than once, check this. Means you're unstable. Go back in, load the XMP profile, decrease the frequency to 2666. Save and exit. Does it boot? Good, notch it up, see where you can get. You may  only be able to hit 2933-3000 with four sticks, which is still pretty solid. Once you figure out where your wall is, run the windows memory diagnostics or memtest86, I prefer the latter. Run several loops to verify memory stability before proceeding.

    There are other ways to stabilize the RAM and hit higher frequencies, but something will have to give in either voltages or timings and this can become quite complex.

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