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I currently use a 500gb nvme boot drive and plan to slowly add 2.5' drives as more storage for games and such. I want to use a hard drive as a backup for these drives, but I want to partition off the hard drive so there is a section for each ssd. This way, if one ssd individual fails I can replace without doing a full backup. Is there a utility or setting to do this?


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    For your main drive you're looking to do an image backup. They're large, they'll be basically the size of the main drive unless they're compressed. But this is an image you can restore with with a rescue disk and get back into business very quickly. The additional drive is just data. So long as it's there, it's there. You just need to do a straight 1:1 backup of the data drive and routinely create images of your C drive. Acronis does this, Macrium Reflect is another lesser known option.

    Doing it that way the only thing you would really need to watch out for, is if you say replace the data drive and restore data. Or replace both drive, make sure it assigns the same drive letter to that data drive as it has on your current install. Otherwise, you're going to run into some problems where the image paths are off and data can't be located or certain programs installed to the SSD won't function.
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