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PowerSpec ASRock A320M-HDV R4.0 + Ryzen 5 3400g BSOD

Hi there
I recently bought the ASRock A320M-HDV R4.0 + Ryzen 5 3400g PowerSpec PC. From the start I would randomly get "Thread stuck in driver" blue screens of death. I updated all the drivers using WinZip Driver Updater. That slowed the BSODs down a bit, but I still get at least one daily, just playing Minecraft. I found a discussion of the problem on this forum: https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/720158/thread-stuck-in-device-driver-bsod-error-almost-daily/page-5

Out of the box it had BIOS 3.7 which they say had issues. Instead of downgrading, I upgraded to BIOS 4.0 which was released recently. The upgraded was successful, but after playing for less than 30 minutes, Minecraft crashed again with the same BSOD. What should I do?



  • Hi, did you ever find a resolution to this problem? 
  • Hello @Ernest we apologize for just now responding to your post. We have more resources now dedicated to Community Forum Posts. So we're now better able to reply to posts on the Forum. I'm not sure if you have found the answer to your BSOD errors. One thing you can do is update you Graphic card drivers. Seem like its giving a BSOD when playing a game which will increase your graphic card usage which could get you the BSOD when playing Minecraft. The drivers may need to be updated.
    Another area to look at is the motherboard chipset driver.  Looks like the Asrock a320M has a AMD Chipset Driver update. You could also download and install that chipset driver update as well. Make sure your windows is update as well. After looking at those few items mentioned above and it still gives you the BSOD. The last option would be to do a PC reset to reinstall windows internally or do a clean install of windows if you have a installation disk or USB.
  • For anyone who needs this...we recently got the Powerspec B245 pc for my nephew that has this Asrock a320m HDV R4 motherboard and Ryzen 3400G CPU.  The first one we got quickly started having intermittent crashes/random reboots.  I tried about everything under the sun to resolve the problem including all the suggestions listed in the post above but nothing solved the problem.  I generally build my own PC's so I'm fairly experienced with these things fortunately.  Eventually though, I gave up and returned this system to Microcenter and exchanged it for another new one of the same model...thinking that maybe I just got a bad apple.  The new one seemed like it was fine for a day or two but then started having similar intermittent crashing issues as well...particularly when my nephew started playing Roblox on it, but also sometimes when he wasn't even playing any games.  If you look at the link that Ernest posted in the first post...there are a number of people in that thread with this same motherboard/cpu combination suffering from similar issues and the only way they solved it was by downgrading the bios on this motherboard from version 3.7 to 3.3 (as a side note, bios version 4.0 apparently doesn't solve the issues so don't bother trying to upgrade to that).  So after again trying a ton of the normal things to troubleshoot my nephew's pc crashing, I finally decided to go to the Asrock support site for this motherboard, download the 3.3 version bios, and followed their procedure for installing the older 3.3 version bios.  It's only been a couple days since we did this, but so far so good.  I think Microcenter should consider using a slightly better motherboard in this build which doesn't have these issues...but hopefully installing the older bios can solve any problems for current owners of this pc.  Also, an extra tip for anyone who plans to do any light gaming on this system (minecraft, fortnite, roblox, rocket league)...adding a second stick of matching ram will just about double your framerate in games because having a second stick of ram will automatically enable dual channel memory mode.  This effectively doubles your memory bandwidth which the integrated graphics really needs to be able to perform better.  This is true for any computer with integrated graphics...so long story short...if you're playing light games on a pc with integrated graphics, make sure to have 2 sticks of ram to get the best performance out of it.
  • This is an issue on this motherboard, that effects some but not all of the units. The BIOS update fix is the correct, the issue does not occur on 3.30. We can and will provide a custom BIOS for our PowerSpec B245 and B244 upon request. 
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