Just how powerful is your BUILD interface?

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I really admire your drop down fields for hardware components. For an online build (ship parts or assembled) some questions about fitting pieces together in a CUBE or MINI chassis.
1. does in-store only mean these are not eligible for builds and what is the difference then? Why are they on the list?
2. When building a CUBE or MINI chassis are the other component fields FILTERED so that parts listed (like motherboards) will FIT? Same for power supply does the database filter out supplies that are too small for the particular build?
3. Does BUILD mean assembled and tested by Micro Center?
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    Greetings @CarlKai

    In store only items are eligible for a build, but you would need to come in and pay for those items before we can build it for you. Some items are available in store only, this is generally true of CPU's. 

    As for filtering parts. It will filter by compatible parts, but many mid and full tower cases will support a mini-ITX board, so it's going to show all compatible options.

    Our PC builder is just to verify the parts are compatible. If we do the build for you, we will test it to ensure it's stable. 
  • CarlKai
    I'm a long way from your store sadly :# Thanks!
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