Need Help Choosing Parts For CAD Workstation

I am building a CAD workstation, and I could use some help. previously I had asked about a different build but decided it would be best to start over. This will mainly be running SolidWorks, which I plan to use for smaller assemblies (likely no more than 50 parts). I will not be doing any FEA Simulations, and little to no rendering.. Just mainly part design and assemblies for 3D printing. I think I will be going with the i7-10700k, but I'm not sure what motherboard would be suitable. I would like to have wifi capability, and aurora RGB would be a plus too, but is not necessary. 

As far as graphics, I have heard many different things, whether to go with a workstation card or a gaming card and so on... I am thinking about going with a NVIDIA P1000, but I'm not sure that I would require even that for what I will be doing.  If anyone has experience with this, any help is greatly appreciated.

I put this parts list together and am looking for some advice.
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