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Monitor(s) for MS Flight Sim, 1 or 3?

I could buy an $1100 wide screen 4K, or purchase 2 more 27" 2560x1440's to go with the Benq I already have.  Running 3700X with a Nvidia 2080.  Need pros and cons on each choice.⁷


  • Greetings,

    I'm more into DCS than FS2020 at the moment. Personally, I'd go for the 49" 4K monitor just to make things a little simpler. 3D surround works fine, and you'll probably find more options at  higher refresh rates. Also, you'll likely be forcing a higher refresh rate with the 3x setup. Your GPU software will artificially inflate this and it could create performance issues. 3x1080P monitors is 5760x1080. You should get a better FOV, but you increase the complexity. Higher chance of running into a bug that limits your gaming experience. You could also consider VR for what you're spending. Pimax 5K/8K or the Valve Index would be worth looking into.
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