Need advice making decision about Monitors for MS Flight Simulator

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From what I see, I have 2 choices, maybe 3 choices - buy 2 more 27" BenQ 2560x1440 monitors like the 1 I have and run 3 monitors, or put up about $1100 and buy a wide field 4k 32-34" and run everything on it, or go cheap and buy a 32" LG 4K monitor for around $500 and do that.  I have a Nvidia 2080, and Ryzen 3700X.  Can we talk pros and cons of each choice?


  • TSTonyV
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    The 2080 Super is appropriate for 4K gaming, depending on the game/settings you're using, so I don't think any of the options listed are a bad choice. Just depends on what your preferences are. Although from what I hear MS Flight Sim 2020 is pretty difficult to run even on high-end systems. 

    The obvious con with buying two more of those BenQ monitors is dealing with the bezels.  You'll end up with an overall wider field of view which is the main benefit, so it depends on if you think that's worth the tradeoff. 

    Without knowing exactly what the other monitors you're looking at are I can't give an exact comparison, but for a 32-34" 4K monitor obviously the main benefit is no bezels while still maintaining a decently wide field of view and being able to run at 4k. However, the downside is that should you be in a situation where you're not able to run something at 4k very well and want to lower your resolution, you'll lose clarity because of the larger screen. 

    What else do you do with the system or what other games do you play?
  • AlexS
    As a sim racer, I've always enjoyed the convenience of running one single ultra wide monitor.  I currently use a Samsung CHG90 49" monitor.  They have a 1440P version of this monitor for about $200-$300 more but it was beautiful to run Flight Simulator on.  I've recently changed my direction towards Elite Dangerous which also fares well with an Ultra-Wide.

    I tried the triple monitor setup before and it's okay, but the drawback for me was just more cable management and I unfortunately did not have a mount that was sturdy enough to properly align 3 monitors without any sagging, thus not making it flush. 

    • Less Cable Management (One power cable, One display cable)
    • No bevels to worry about. 
    • Not ideal if you regularly play games that do not necessarily support ultra wide.  

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