Compatible SSD upgrade?

Hello everyone,
I recently bought a used HP Pavillion 17G-133CL laptop that came with an older Kingston Digital 240 GB (SV300S37A240G) SSD, but I'd like an upgrade in capacity to store my music. Ideally, I'd like an updated, compatible 500GB SSD in the sub $100 range, but I'm unsure which brand would be best. The current drive, while faster than a HDD, still isn't as fast as I'd like, and I notice it takes a while to drag and drop folders from one folder or volume to another. Shouldn't that be instantaneous? Anyway, I'm going to have a professional do the upgrade, but I'd like to mitigate some cost by supplying the appropriate drive.  Incidentally, is that service offered at Micro Center? If so, how long would the upgrade take? Which brand of drive would be best for me? Would I have to go with the "basic" 2.5" SATA, or can I go with a more updated type SSD in this 2016 model laptop? Suggestions are appreciated. Thanks in advance!


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