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I'm looking to build a digital audio workstation, running Cakewalk's Sonar Platinum.  My current machine is 8 years old and just has way too much stuff on it, so I want a dedicated machine just for music production.   My budget is around $1500, but I'm willing to go slightly higher if neccessary, but cutting costs lower would keep my wife happy!  :)   Also, I have not included a case in this parts list, as I'm looking for something quiet, perferably designed for audio work, so I still have to research that more.   My questions are:
1) This system, based on the i7 10700K with Z490-A mobo fits my budget (slightly higher once I ad the case) of around $1500.  For pretty much the same price (about $45 less) I could go with an i9 9900K with the appropriate mobo (Z390-A).  Will the older i9 gain me any performance, or is it pretty much the same chip as the newer i7? 
2)  I will not be running any games (or anything other than audio programs for that matter) on this new build, so do I really need the graphics card?  Or can I add that at a later date if performance seems to be suffering?
3)  Lastly, any suggestions on a nice quiet case?  It'll need to fit the above list, plus a HDD coming out of my old machine with all my audio files on it.
Thanks for any help!!


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    Greetings @stumpypete

    1.  It's really close, performance wise. With the architecture gains, I'd stick with the 10th gen i7.

    2. Looking into it briefly, it seems Sonar Platinum does use a GPU for screen and UI optimizations, but it's not using CUDA or GPU Offloading. I would not consider a GPU critical for you. 

    3. I like the LanCool II. For a quiet case, you want a case with good airflow and good fans. A system running cool consistently will run the fans at a low RPM. Stick to cases with larger fans, 120, or 140mm.  Larger fan, more airflow, at a lower RPM, generally means it's quieter. 
  • stumpypete
    Thanks for your help!  I just reserved my items.
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