Kernel-Power Error 41 - System Keeps Crashing Upon Starting Games

Hey guys!
The last 2 weeks have been really frustrating as my system just hard reboots when I start playing games like Remnant or Mortal Shell. I start loading the game and everything shuts off. This has happened before but very rarely and I've ignored it. I've tried many, many different things to fix this including:
Updating/reinstalling all drivers
Reinstalling windows w/ keeping files and w/o
Rebuilding the pc and clearing out the dust
RAM testing with 0 errors
3 Different Benchmark tests where on 2 it crashed during the 3D section of the test
Checking temps during gameplay of non problem games like WoW Classic and Warframe as well as the problem games (temps were within normal boundries)
The list can go on, but as the title says I've checked Event Viewer and every crash is the same 41 ID Error. So I'm pretty sure it's a hardware issue where something is getting too much power or too little power. I'm just hoping my GPU is not faulty or the mobo and a simple PSU will fix it. 
Specs are:

What are you guy's thoughts? Am I off the mark? Is this a much greater issue or a simple fix? I'll supply as much info as needed. I really just want to get back to the newer variety of games that are out atm. Thanks.


  • PowerSpec_MikeW
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    Greetings @Holtium

    All this error really means is the last shutdown was unexpected. It's not really telling you anything in and of itself. I would look back before this happened for any errors, but you likely won't or haven't found anything. So what we're left with is an intermittent power loss. Test the outlet, surge protector and power cord. Then move on to your power supply and finally motherboard, for a potential faulty VRM.
  • Holtium
    Will do! Thank you for your advice. I didn't even think about the wall socket or power stripe. Hopefully that fixes it but if not, I'll be omw to the store for some part swapping to find the culprit. 
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