How can I try monitor specs?

I'm looking to upgrade my monitor come holiday season and I'm stuck trying to figure out what specs I want. I'm looking at 144hz, 1440p, 27', freesync, and ips monitor as an upgrade from my 75hz, 1080p, 24', freesync, and ips monitor. I was wondering if there was a way I could test 144hz vs 60hz, 1440p vs 1080p for a 27' monitor, and maybe ips vs va. I know that right now in person stuff isn't very accesible, but if I went to a Micro Center near me in Chicago would I be able to get a visual demonstration of these technologies so I could best choose which ones I might want/need?

Edit: Further context, I was originally looking at just upgrading to 144hz, but decided that I might as well future proof. My three options are:
1. Cheapest 1080p, 144hz, freesync, ips, 24', 100x100mm vesa compatible for stand I'll probably get later.
2. LG 1080p, 144hz, g-sync compatible, ips, 27'
3. Cheapest 1440p, 144hz, freesync, ips, 27', 100x100mm vesa compatible for stand I'll probably get later
(Unless I finds VA just as good at IPS.)
Usage: I play AAA games and some esports, but also edit videos and 3d animate.


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    We have a number of monitors on display, some of which are attached to systems so we might be able to demonstrate for you on some of the demo systems. I don't work at the Chicago store so I can't say exactly what setups we have available and what testing we can provide, but I think you should be able to get a rough idea.

    Personally speaking I definitely felt the difference between 60 FPS and 144 when I first made the transition so I think it'll be worth it for you, especially if you play esports titles. I also think 1440p is the sweetspot for a 27" monitor, 1080p is a little low on pixel density at that size in my opinion. 
  • Jtomtb
    Options to see the difference in refresh rate firsthand. It puts everything into perspective on a high refresh monitor.

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