i5 10600k and asus H470m Plus or Z490?

Hey guys I wanted to ask why I should get the Z490 for my new i5 10600k. I already have the H470m motherboard and the case etc. I read that in order to utilize the overclocking I would need a z490 but I also read this mobo is capable of overclocking. I just can't find a definite answer to which I should go with. If I go with Z490 then should I stick with the mini mobo like my h470 or do I upgrade to a full size? Thanks in advance.


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    So as far as I understand it, the "overclocking" that's available on H470 chipsets isn't really overclocking, but simply allowing the processors to run at higher power limits more. The CPUs won't operate out of stock specifications, they'll just automatically boost for a longer duration. For actual overclocking, you still need the Z490 chipset. 

    You don't need an ATX sized board just to overclock, if you're looking for a smaller form factor board there are definitely solid mATX options for Z490 like the ASUS ROG Strix Z490-G, but it really just depends on what form factors you can use with your case. 
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