First PC idea what I'm doing

Building my first PC and I've watched a bunch of tutorials online. It looks pretty straightforward, and I have a decent idea on how to build a PC in theory. My problem is I am very limited in my knowledge of different motherboards, graphics cards, cases, processors and their compatibility.
Budget is 1000$ max, the most demanding games I would ever play would be COD/Apex Legends/Battlefield.  
Open to any and all suggestions, whether I am overpaying/not paying enough based on gaming needs....again I have very basic understanding of parts so any help is appreciated.


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    So there's definitely some stuff I'd work around on the build. When trying to maximize performance within a budget you really want to focus on the GPU, and with your CPU/board choice you've forced yourself into a pretty weak GPU. We can easily go with a cheaper motherboard, and opt for the Ryzen 3 3300X instead of the 3600X to save some cost and get a nicer GPU which will make a big difference for gaming. The non-super version of the GTX 1650 is a pretty bad value. We can also go with a different SSD to get more storage at the same price, or get the same storage at a lower price. I opted for more storage at the same price so you can keep more games on the SSD (although with COD in the mix... you still don't have a lot of room because of how huge it is).

    This is going to be a much more well-rounded build in my opinion, the 1660 Super is a big improvement over the normal 1650 and the motherboard is much more reasonable. If the CPU isn't available at your local store, you can easily go with the normal Ryzen 5 3600 instead which is still a fantastic budget option. 

    The monitor you included is a pretty good option at its price so I have no complaints there.

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