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Older father of a teen and pre-teen, trying to stay on-top of or ahead of kids, software, hardware and tech in general.  Proud to have replaced the hard drive in my daughter's 2012 MacBook Pro (and happy to be able to purchase the screwdrivers to go with it.  Currently gearing up for televised learning and getting docking stations so we can use laptops as desk top models.  Cut the cable to cable a few years ago and am spending a lot of time on antennae, connecting to my Sony and Denon tuners in order to send sound to my hard-wired speakers.  Getting ready to break down and go for wireless speakers.  Happy to hear from frugal DIY'er's like myself.   My current question is where do I go to find a decent docking station that will work with a 2015 MacBook Pro 13".


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