Need Help Choosing Parts (again)

i know i was just here but had two unfortunate incidents in a row: first, my current PC has started "blacking out"- it just stops connecting to monitors, no matter the cable. and second, the original suggestion to my first build had parts that sold out before i could buy the build.

so, combined with it becoming vital i get my new build in, like, less than a week, i need new advice on this secondary build.

things to keep in mind:
- this would be my new work/gaming/personal computer, so hard drive space is very important to me.
- my work requires having multiple adobe programs open at once, it eats RAM like a black hole
- really want a build that can feasibly handle any game i throw at it. totally fine with a stable 60fps 1080p kinda thing
- my current PC is 7 going on 8 years old (despite currently being a ticking time bomb) and it'd be cool if my new build could have that kind of comparable lifespan


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